Fire hits Myanmar embassy in Bangkok

A fire destroyed a floor at Myanmar's embassy in the Thai capital on Monday. ... รายละเอียด

South Korea, Arab states to form group

South Korea and states in the Middle East and Africa are meeting to prepare for the launch of a new organization aimed at seeking closer ties. ... รายละเอียด

Gangster faces death for shooting city mayor

A court in Japan convicted an alleged gangster and sentenced him to death Monday for the fatal shooting of a popular mayor in a crime that stunned a nation that takes pride in its rigid gun-control laws. ... รายละเอียด

Hundreds in Seoul protest U.S. beef

Riot police beat and arrested several protesters early Monday during an illegal rally by hundreds of opponents of a beef import agreement with the United States that has raised fears of mad cow disease in South Korea. ... รายละเอียด

Sri Lanka: Bomb blast kills seven, injures 62

A bomb exploded on a crowded commuter train in a southern suburb of Sri Lanka's capital Monday, killing seven people and wounding at least 62 others, police said. ... รายละเอียด

Two fined for German fatal train crash

Two train track managers were convicted Friday of involuntary manslaughter and fined in connection with a 2006 high-speed train crash that killed 23 people. ... รายละเอียด

Violence breaks out over Italy trash crisis

Tensions remained high Saturday after a night of clashes between police and protesters furious at Italian government plans to dump mountains of uncollected trash from Naples in their towns. ... รายละเอียด

North Sea oil platform evacuated over leak

More than 150 people were evacuated from an oil platform in the North Sea on Saturday because of an oil and gas leak that rescuers feared could result in an explosion. ... รายละเอียด

Boeing 747 splits in two on take off

A large cargo plane crashed at the end of a runway and split in two while trying to take off Sunday at Brussels airport, authorities said. ... รายละเอียด

New London Mayor scraps Venezuela oil deal

The British capital's new mayor, Boris Johnson is ending a controversial deal that has provided cheap Venezuelan fuel for London's transport network. ... รายละเอียด

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